December 3, 2013

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Misra auto Gas ( Leader in CNG )
Opp Bagiwala, Opp Police Chokey,
End of 100 feet Road, Anand – 388001
Call : 9904320048

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Dear Readers,
    Misra Auto Gas [Azaz Vohra] is one the most Gental Person I have ever seen in my life, He is the best CNG fitter with his entire team, he solves the problems very easily, He is the best in the Whole India very Professional work he does no accuses, even on phone he use to solve the entire kit problems, very helpful. I have a very bad experience in BHARUCH the person who had fitted the CNG kit in BHARUCH, The very next day I have reached ANAND to Misra Auto Gas and he had just opened the car bonet and gave me the dission the kit has not fitted properly I told him to do what ever best you can do he just done the very best refitted the same within one hour, the new kit also he fit in just one hour and the kit of secquensial kit very hard and complicated,he use to fit the kits within one hour very experienced and professional person. I really thank him and pray for him that he may grow his business far and wide, AMIN. SUMMA AMIN, Thanks Mr. Azaz

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