July 16, 2014

CNG Questions

Can an existing LPG vehicle run on CNG?

No. Both CNG and LPG have different caloric value and combustion ratios. Also CNG needs high pressure tanks for storage. So the same cylinder or tank can not be used. A vehicle needs specific conversion from LPG to CNG.

List of Cars CNG kits can be installed.

Maruti Suzuki cars : Wagon R, Alto K10, Alto 800, Estilo, Zen, Omni Van, Esteem, Ertiga, Eeco, Swift, Celerio, Ritz, Dzire, SX4, Gypsy

Hyundai cars : i10, i20, EON, Xcent, Elantra, Sonata, Santro Xing, Verna

Honda cars : Brio, Amaze, City, Mobilio

Tata Cars : Indica Vista, Tata Manza, Indigo eCS, Indica eV2, Sumo, Tata Nano, Tata Safari

CNG Kits can be fitted also on : Skoda, Chevrolet, Mahindra Cars

What is the difference between Sequential cng kit and Regular cng kit?

Sequential cng kit has separate CNG ECM and separate injectors next to petrol injectors. These types of kits are installed in higher SUV cars. Regular CNG kits are installed in in most of the normal cars. Also price of Sequential cng kits are higher.

Are CNG kits available for Bikes? Is it successfull?

Yes. CNG & LPG both types of kits available for bikes. But it is not recommended to install these kits. Because these kits generates engine problems and doesn’t start vehicle when there is cold.

What is the pressure of CNG in a cylinder? Is refueling of a cylinder safe, given the pressure?

CNG cylinders are designed and built in such a way so as to withstand high pressure. The maximum pressure in a CNG cylinder is up to 200 bar. CNG cylinders are safe as they are manufactured as per specific requirements and tested before use, in accordance with international specifications and standards, and are duly approved by the Chief Controller of  Explosives (CCoE). Moreover, they are provided with a pressure relief device (PRD) that consists of a fusible plug and a burst disc that ruptures in case of extremely high pressure and temperature.

What are the benefits of CNG?

Benefits of CNG :

  •  Environment Friendly: CNG is clean fuel.  Natural gas produces very less hydrocarbon emissions than LPG and petrol.
  • CNG is Economic: CNG is cheaper than petrol and LPG. It saves money.
  • Clean Engine: CNG is good for car engine. CNG doesn’t harm car engine which happens in LPG. Also spark plugs and converters remain good in CNG.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: Car runs on both CNG and Petrol. So its option for petrol.
  • Lubrication: It requires less lubrication.
  • CNG is Safer: CNG is safer than petrol and diesel. CNG gas tanks are safer and stronger.

What are the dimensions and weight of a CNG cylinder?

CNG cylinders are manufactured from a special steel alloy and are seamless in construction. Their compact size allows them to easily fit into a small car. An empty CNG cylinder with a 50 litre-water-carrying capacity weighs 48 kg (approximately), and has a length of 835 mm and a diameter of 316 mm. The 50 litre capacity cylinder is the one most regularly used in CNG kits but cylinders with 45 litre, 55 litre, 60 litre and 65 litre capacity are used as well.

Will my fuel expenses reduce after conversion to CNG?

Yes, the fuel bill on the basis of average running of vehicle reduces substantially when compared to other conventional fuels. Price of CNG is lesser than other fuels and also it enhances the mileage of your vehicle, making it the most economical fuel.

Will I loose my boot space if I convert my car to CNG?

No. You will not loose your boot space. Even after fitting you can put your luggage backside and push out your extra tyre outside.

What is the capacity of a cylinder, and mileage from one fill? How does one get to know the quantity of CNG left in the cylinder?

A cylinder with a 50 liter water-carrying capacity is capable of carrying approximately 9 kg of CNG. This is equivalent to 12.5 liters of petrol and will allow a run of about 200 kms for a medium sized 1200 CC car. An electronic fuel gauge fitted on the dashboard which is part of the conversion kit indicates the quantity of CNG left in the cylinder.

Company fitted CNG or Outside CNG fitting which is best?

Fit CNG kit outside CNG Fitment Center. Cost of Company fitted CNG is double than outside CNG fitting and they don’t provide good CNG service.

Are CNG powered commercial vehicles economical as compared to diesel variants?

Though the initial CNG vehicles cost is more than diesel but in long run CNG powered vehicles helps in saving overall operational cost. CNG powered commercial vehicles are 40% economical as compared to diesel vehicles in terms of avg. operational cost. LCVs with average running of 40 km per day can easily recover the Kit cost in 2 years.

After how many years CNG owners require CNG tank retest?

After 5 years every CNG car owner should retest cng tanks. It costs around 1500 Rs.

Are CNG pumps available in India?

Yes. CNG pumps are available in most of the states of India. Especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra pumps are available everywhere.

Does CNG kit require servicing ?

No. Its doesn’t require servicing. Once it is tuned by mechanic no need for service like LPG kit. Only you have to retest CNG tank after 5 years as per government rule.

Is CNG gas safe?

Yes. CNG is absolutely safe. It is lighter than air. When it leaks instantly it is disperses in air. This property makes it safe fuel.

Can a diesel vehicle be converted to CNG ?

Under the latest technology, a diesel car cannot run on dual fuel mode. A diesel vehicle can be converted to run on CNG, but the conversion cost is higher than the conversion of petrol vehicles.

What are the different CNG tank sizes?

Three types cng cylinder sizes are ( Total cng gas filling type)

  1. 10 kg tank
  2. 12 kg tank
  3. 14 kg tank

This much cng kilo gas will be stored in three types.


How do I get to know the quantity of CNG left in my cylinder ?

Electronic management system is installed as a part of cng kit in cng vehicle. This system indicates CNG level in your vehicle.

Can i run my car on petrol and cng both?

Yes. There will be a changeover cng switch using it we can run our car on any one fuel at a time.

Does CNG have any harmful effects on my car engine?

No. CNG does not have any known harmful effects on your vehicle. It doesn’t contain carbon leads so increases your spark plug and engine life. CNG is in the form of gas. CNG doesn’t disturb the presence of lubricating oil in the engine, and reduces chances of wear and tear.

What are Types of cng kits and Brand names?

There are two types of CNG kits.

  • Regular CNG kits
  • Sequential CNG Kits

Popular cng kit brand names are

  1. Mijo gas kit  (Indian cng kit)
  2. Rayon gas kit  (Indian cng kit)
  3. Vista gas kit  (Indian cng kit)
  4. Lovatek gas kit  (Indian cng kit)
  5. BRC gas kit  (Indian cng kit)
  6. Lovato gas kit  (Italian cng kit)
  7. Landi renzo gas kit  (Italian cng kit)
  8. Zavoli gas kit (Indian cng kit)
  9. Longas gas kit (Indian cng kit)
  10. Tomasetto gas kit (Indian cng kit)


What is cng conversion kit?

CNG kit is package of different parts using which the car runs on CNG. Some of the part names are Emulator, CNG vaporiser, CNG tank, Power Booster, CNG pressure gauge, CNG pipe, CNG valve, CNG Switch.

What is the cost of Petrol to CNG conversion?

The cost of cng conversion kit is between 18000 Rs to 30000 Rs. It depends on the vehicle and its type.

What is CNG?

It is compressed gas mainly composed of methane. It is used in cars, buses as alternate fuel . It is environment friendly.


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