Tips to Maintain Your CNG Car

Tips to Maintain Your CNG Car

After increase in petrol prices in india, people are preferring CNG cars which is environment friendly and gives good mileage. So day by day people are converting their cars to CNG. Below tips are given for CNG car owners

  • Choose your mechanic which gives importance to safety
  • Inspect your air filters semi annually
  • Inspect your spark plugs on yearly regularly
  • If your car have gas setting problem go to the cng shop, mechanic will tune cng setting freely
  • When you wash your car with water make sure that there is a plastic cover on your emulator and lambda system
  • Now for latest cars sequential company type kits are used.
  • Make sure your petrol tank has enough petrol because cng cars first needs petrol for startup and then convert automatically to CNG
  • Test your tank every 3 years






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