cng kit spare parts and cng kit components

CNG Kit Spare Parts and CNG Kit Components

CNG Filling Valve & Cylinder Valve
The CNG Cylinder Filling Valves is used to fill cng in to the CNG Cylinder. We use Original cng filling valve. The Filling Valves and the Cylinder Valves are of very high quality. They are certified by CCOE (Chief Controller of Explosives) to ensure safety and durability.  cng filling valve
CNG Cylinders
We use only Company Recommended CNG Cylinders while installation of CNG Kit in Your Car. CNG Cylinders are manufactured from special steel alloy and are seamless in construction. Cylinders are designed and built in such a way so as to withstand high pressure of 220 bars. They are tested before use in accordance with the international specifications and are duly approved by Chief Controller of Explosives in Nagpur.  cng cylinder
 CNG Kit Reducers
The CNG reducer model is an electronic CNG pressure reducer with 3 pressure reduction stages, for traditional systems. Reducers are homologated in accordance with ECE 110 and in conformity of ISO 15500 Regulation. Compact and very reliable, this reducer has a double regulation system, that allows always the best performance.  cng reducer
CNG Cylinder Valve
CNG Cylinder Valve is used to control the flow of CNG into the CNG pipes. This is a regulator between CNG Cylinder and CNG Combustion System  cng cylinder valve
CNG Air Gas Mixer
This is a Mechanical device which functions on the principal of venture. This ensure Air-fuel mixing in the correct proportions. Thus this device is installed for introducing gaseous fuel to the induction air of the engine: The venture and other dimensions/design of the mix are so developed that different Models of Gas-Air Mixers are suitable for function on different cars.  cng air gas mixer


This is a device is composed of an electronic commutator, a stepper motor and a flow actuator. lt is designed to be fitted on catalytic vehicles. lt requires no manual adjustments and can automatically adapt to the different working conditions and use of the vehicle so as to ensure optimum performance in terms of driving, consumption and emissions.  lambda control system  
Timing advance controllers are mainly for those car of electronic throttle. They are unique products of our company and have solved the problem about force of remodeled CNG vehicle of electronic throttle to achieve the same force effect as the original car.  timing advance processor  
During gas operation. this device cuts off the flow of petrol on cars equipped with electronic injection and emulate the single of the injections of the other sensors. This device comes in different models and the right emulator model for each car varies depending on the type of injection system.  emulator  
Pressure Gauge  
CNG Pressure Gauge is an equipment that gives information about Pressure in the cylinder and hence amount of gas available in the cylinder.  pressure gauge  
High Pressure pipe  
CNG High Pressure Pipe is used to supply CNG from CNG Cylinder to CNG Reducers. We use only company recommended high pressure pipe for the CNG Kit Installation.  high pressure pipe
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