CNG – CNG Vehicles

What is CNG?

CNG mean compressed natural gas mainly composed of Methane gas stored at high pressure. Compressed natural gas is colorless and tasteless. CNG is environment friendly. It emits less carbon in atmosphere. Compressed natural gas is lighter than air. It is flammable. It disperses fast in air. So explosion danger is less.

Natural gas is used as fuel as an alternate option for Petrol, Diesel, LPG. Compressed natural gas is used mostly in vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, rickshaws. Countries which uses Compressed natural gas vehicles are India, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Argentina. Compressed natural gas is becoming popular in America and Europe also. It costs 50% less than petrol.

How to use CNG fuel in Vehicles?

There are bifuel conversion kits available for vehicles. It contains different parts which enables vehicles to run on Compressed natural gas. We can use natural fuel with any petrol or diesel car by installing fuel conversion kit.

cng production

natural gas production

Advantages of Compressed natural gas :

  • Doesn’t contain carbon so it increases spark plug life.
  • CNG Vehicles have lower maintenance costs.
  • It increases engine life.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • CNG systems are sealed, preventing fuel losses from evaporation.
  • It is safe.

Disadvantage of CNG for vehicle :

– Requires space for tank

CNG conversion kit components :

– Reducer, Steel pipes, Emulator, Power booster, Lambda system, Filling valves , Tank valve, pressure gauge, Automatic alternate fuel converter switch, Tanks of different sizes like 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, etc.

Where to fill CNG fuel in vehicles?
CNG stations will be available in your state or your country. There will be large network of Compressed natural gas stations.


CNG Storage at pump

CNG Storage at pump

What is LPG? Difference between CNG, LPG & LNG?


LPG is liquifies gas. LPG is mixture of propane, butane and other hydrocarbon gases. It is heavier than air. It takes time to evaporate and sit at base of pipes. So there is a great risk of explosion in LPG. LPG is mostly used in refrigeration, cooking, vehicles. LPG releases Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. LPG is extracted from petrolium or natural gas.


It is compressed gas and stored in high pressure tanks of 20 to 25 MPa. It is lighter than air. It evaporates easily in air. It has less explosion risk compared to LPG. Mostly used in vehicles as an petrol, diesel alternative. It releases less carbon dioxide. It consists of methane. It is extracted from crude oil.


LNG is a natural gas. LNG is very cool liquid. Temperature to condense natural gas in -120 C to -170 C. LNG is used in heavy applications.

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