Advantages and disadvantages of CNG gas conversion kits

Advantages and disadvantages of CNG gas conversion kits

CNG is compressed natural gas and can be used as an petrol alterative in cars Honda City, wagon r, Tata Indigo,  Hyundai  i-10, i-20, Alto. To run our car on CNG gas we need CNG conversion kit.

CNG conversion kit contains parts by which we can run our car on CNG. CNG Gas kit contains High pressure pipe, CNG Filling valve, Emulator, CNG switch, Lambda System, Pressure gauge, Timing advance processor, screws. CNG tank comes separate from gas conversion kit.

CNG switch is used to run car on CNG fuel. Before some years changeover was done manually. Now automatic conversion takes place from petrol to CNG fuel. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of CNG  bi fuel system.

Advantages of CNG:

  • Environment Friendly: CNG is clean fuel.  Natural gas produces very less hydrocarbon emissions than LPG and petrol.
  • CNG is Economic: CNG is cheaper than petrol and LPG. It saves money.
  • Clean Engine: CNG is good for car engine. CNG doesn’t harm car engine which happens in LPG. Also spark plugs and converters remain good in CNG.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: Car runs on both CNG and Petrol. So its option for petrol.
  • Lubrication: It requires less lubrication.
  • CNG is Safer: CNG is safer than petrol and diesel. CNG gas tanks are safer and stronger.

 Disadvantages of CNG:

  • CNG Gas stations have limited availability. So if your country or state doesn’t have CNG stations, it is of no use. In India some states have good CNG Stations network.
  • CNG tank requires need large space and it is heavy. So it affects reliability and car performance.
  • CNG gas kit Cost: CNG gas kit prices are between 20000 Rs to 30000 Rs. But it can be recovered by fuel savings.

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